#FatBlast50 - A 50 Day Transformation Challenge by JQ Fitness

Transform Your Body and Your Daily Habits in 50 days with the #FatBlast50 Challenge!

What's the perfect way for you to successfully start off your 2015? Our 2nd annual #FatBlast50 Transformation Challenge... that's how! Let's take the next 50 days and focus on YOU. Get your diet and exercise right and be held accountable all along the journey! Yep, some days will be harder than others but we know you can do it! Almost 50 participants did it with us last year and they saw amazing results (be sure to check out the pictures below)!

The awesome thing we experienced last year was the community support each #FatBlast50 partipant felt through social media and at bootcamp. We were swapping recipe and food ideas throughout the 50 days and everyone finished with not only a tighter rump and tummy but with the realization of how much junk we regularly would put in our mouths without even thinking.

Here's the quick details on what's going down this year:

Prizes for the Top 3 Finishers

If changing your health, energy and body composition isn't reason enough to join, we even have sweet prizes for the top 3 transformers.

1st Place

$400 cash
2 Free In-home Personal Training Sessions

$580 value

2nd Place

$200 cash
1 Free 10 Week
Spring Bootcamp

$577 value

3rd Place

1 Free 5 Week
Spring Bootcamp

1 Free 6 Week
Group Fitness Class

$294 value

What Can You Expect After 50 Days? Here's Some Results From Last Year

Aldijana - 20.2 lbs and 13.5" lost!

Kim - 21.3 lbs, 6.0% Body Fat, 10.5" lost!

Bill - 25.2 lbs and 16.5" lost!

Matt - 16.0 lbs and 9.5" lost!

Lana - 10.4 lbs, 4.5% Body Fat, 13" lost!

Charmaine - 11.0 lbs and 9.5" lost!

How the #FatBlast50 Challenge Works

The great news is that this transformation challenge is not all or nothing BUT you get out what you put in. This challenge is set up to give you the nutrition and fitness blueprint to ensure success.


1 daily point
for avoiding sugar

1 daily point
for avoiding grains


1 daily point
for at least 20mins of focused intense exercise

1 daily point
for walking/running 10,000 steps


1 daily point
for logging your meals / workouts

1 daily point
for sharing your meals & fitness on social media w/ #FatBlast50

final measurement bonus points

1 point
for every 1.0lbs.
of weight lost

1 point
for every 0.5%
of body fat lost

2 points
for every 0.5"
of girth measurements lost

Do You Have More Questions? Read the #FatBlast50 FAQs

Food guidelines

During the challenge you'll be awarded points for eating according to our food rules, which are designed to keep your blood sugar minimal and your body in a constant fat burning state. In addition, you may notice that bloated feeling in your belly goes away and your food cravings dissipate. So let's get down to the nitty-gritty...

The two main food rules that you will need to stick with during the contest are NO SUGARS (refined or artificial, basically nothing that has sugar listed on the label) and NO GRAINS (including whole grains, breads, pastas, and most processed foods)! At the kick-off event, we'll provide you with an exhaustive list. But no sugar or no grains? Yes, trust us, its crazy to think how much of those two foods we sneak into our mouths all the time!

Here's a list of grains you'll avoid during #FatBlast50:

  • wheat
  • corn
  • rice
  • oats
  • rye
  • barley
  • maize
  • millet
  • sorghum
  • wild rice
  • bulgar
  • amaranth
  • sprouted grains (including Ezekiel Bread)

Why no grains?

By no way are we demonizing grains and saying that they're the 'devil'. However, we are a society that is so hooked on eating grains that we've never tried a little part of our life without them. By eliminating grains from your diet for a short while, you may see things like an increase in energy, disappearance in sinus issues, feeling not so bloated and less puffy, clearer skin, and arthritis like symptoms subside. These are just a few examples of what we heard last year.

Grains are generally calorically energy dense but nutrient light. It's amazing how many times we reach for a sandwich, wrap or a plate of pasta that can throw our hormonal balance, our cravings and the number of calories we consume out of whack.

On #FatBlast50, we want to change the way you eat carbs and make them calorically light but nutrient-dense… that's where vegetables and fruit come into play! Veggies and fruits are FAR SUPERIOR when it comes to water, fibre and micro-nutrient content.

Why no sugar?

Really, you question why? Well, sugar is the devil ☺ Oh yeah, it's seductive and has us wrapped around it's evil little finger (especially after all the holiday goodies we've killed). Sugar, both natural and artificial causes high insulin responses in our bodies to clear out the sugar in our blood stream. One of the main jobs of insulin is to store fat. So, cut out sugar and you'll be keeping your body in fat burning mode longer and storing less fat. And lets be honest, we could all use a little bit more of that! During these winter months, cutting out sugar will boost your immunity. Sugar can suppress your immunity for up to 5 hours after consumption.

What can I eat?

Okay, so you may be asking yourself what CAN I eat, because no sugar and no grains seems pretty daunting... but be assured, you won't be wanting to gnaw your arm off!

You'll be able to eat all kinds of eggs, fish, and other meats (though we suggest that you stick to organic, grass fed meats), all fresh fruits and veggies (we recommend sweet potatoes rather than regular potatoes), most dairy products (make sure they don't have any added sugar in them!), beans, nuts, eggs etc., As long as it is grain and sugar free it falls within the rules and you'll be able to get super creative with your meals. Are you a vegetarian? Don't worry, you'll be able to get your protein requirements through our delicious protein shake recipes.

And yes, you can sweeten with dates and eat quinoa (it's a seed).

No sugar? How about sweeteners?

In terms of sweeteners, we're giving a big resounding NO. The only sweeteners that you'll be allowed to consume is stevia and xylitol. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to a myriad of cancers and other diseases and they can negatively impact your blood sugar and increase craving for sweet things, who really wants that anyways… So if you can't live without the sweetness in your beverages, stevia and xylitol will be your best friends.

Here's a list of sweeteners you'll avoid during #FatBlast50:

  • sugar (cane, brown, granulated, powdered, etc.)
  • candy
  • honey
  • agave nectar
  • splenda, equal, nutrasweet, aspartame, sucrolose, saccharin, sorbitol
  • fruit drinks
  • soft drinks
  • corn syrup
  • fructose
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • sucrose
  • glucose
  • maltodextrin
  • dextrose
  • molasses
  • brown rice syrup
  • maple syrup
  • alcohol
  • sugar cane
  • beet sugar

Exercise guidelines

To get your points, you'll have to do at least 20 minutes of focused intense workouts/day. If you're part of our bootcamp or small group fitness community, this will be even easier for you. Our training program is at the right intensity to get your body to change! You'll be continually motivated and encouraged by our trainers and by those around you taking part in this challenge and with common goals.

If you're an DIY FatBlaster, travelling or happen miss your bootcamp days, you can do some sprinting or 20 minute workouts that we'll provide for you.

Why 20mins of exercise/day?

Exercise helps us lose fat, build muscle, decrease risk of disease, lower stress, improve sleep, and it even makes us happier and more energized. Maybe you're thinking 20 minutes doesn't sound like enough time to see results. But, if you're willing to push yourself, you'll find there's real "Power" in those 20 minutes. High intensity exercise has been shown to create an increased metabolic rate for hours after a workout and produce better results than lower intensity aerobic workouts that last longer.

Counting your 10,000 steps

New to this year's challenge is the ability to get 1 daily point for achieving 10,000 steps! Why are we including walking? You may be getting your exercise in but most people are not moving enough and that's a problem! The average North American person is only getting 3,000 - 4,000 steps a day. This needs to change. The 10,000 step goal was discovered in Japan about 40 years ago as a healthy way to maintain weight and exercise your heart.

It's easy to track your steps. The majority of us have a iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone that we can download a pedometer app like 'Moves' on. Others might have the FitBit or Vivofit. If you don't have that, any store like Walmart or Shopper's Drug Mart will have a cheap Pedometer you can use.

Want some tips on getting your 10,000 steps in? It's not that hard, a few tips will make it a cinch:

  • The first thing you do in the morning is get up 15-30 minutes earlier and head out for a quick walk. Have your clothes laid out the night before.
  • Take stairs whenever possible.
  • Instead of carrying all the laundry upstairs at once (or the dishes from the table to the kitchen), take several trips.
  • While you wait for a flight at the airport, skip the trashy tabloid, and walk up and down the corridors.
  • When grocery shopping, walk through every aisle.
  • Instead of emailing your coworker down the hall, walk over to her office.
  • While gabbing on the phone, walk around your house.
  • Grab your significant other and get out there together.
  • Choose a parking spot that's far from the store entrance — or just walk to the store!
  • Treat the dog to a longer walk.
  • Make a walking date with a friend, instead of calling her.

Why social #FatBlast50 sharing?

You're more likely to achieve your goals and see results when you're surrounded by a community. The power of social media allows you to connect with other FatBlasters, share recipes, give food ideas, support each other when you may be struggling. The other great thing is that you can filter or click on the #FatBast50 hashtag in Twitter or Instagram and see all the great content everyone will be generating.

Why log it?

Well, this is where it all comes together for the challenge. You'll be provided a login to our custom #FatBlast50 site where you have 24 hours to post your achievements and earn your points. Research has shown that you can double your weight loss achievements by logging what you ate and/or what you did for a workout.

What's going to happen to me?

Eating like this will cause your blood sugar to remain stable, which means you won't be producing significant amounts of insulin, the "fat producing hormone"… Insulin resistant fat is usually found right around your midsection, so eating like this can produce a significant decrease in the amount of belly fat that you see. Eating like this is basically a guaranteed recipe for fat loss. Your body will be in a constant fat burning state because it isn't relying on significant amounts of sugars for fuel.

Overall you should find yourself sleeping better, feeling way less bloated and lethargic with much more energy to tackle your everyday tasks…

Potentially, you could still find and eat some unhealthy things that fit into the rules, so it'll be really important for you to remember why you're taking on this challenge and committing this time to yourself, your body, and your health. What do you want to accomplish here, and will you attain it by finding ways to bend the rules for momentary satisfaction?

To boil it down, this transformation challenge will not only transform your body but will also transform you daily habits of food and exercise!

What if I'm not a part of your bootcamp, can I still participate?

For sure! We'll provide you with some 20-30 minute workouts you can do on your own as well as send out some recipe information. Just like everyone else, you'll receive a login for our online system and you'll be a part of our social #FatBlast50 community. DIY participants can enter the transformation challenge for $77. We'll also give you guidelines on taking your own measurements and photos.

Are you ready? Enter #FatBlast50 and get ready to start 2015 off right!

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